Things to Do Before and After Your Yoga Session, According to Joon Faii Ong

Joon Faii Ong
2 min readJun 6, 2022

Joon Faii Ong follows these recommended pre-workout practices to fully prepare for a yoga session. He also always follows the same post-workout routine to ensure he gets the maximum recovery after every session. Try these pre- and post-workout tips to get the most out of your yoga workout:

Before your Yoga Session

l Eat beforehand (but not too much) — Ideally, it would be best to do yoga on a light or nearly empty stomach. This means you have to eat early enough so your body can digest your meal. If you eat, make it a light meal or a small snack. Also, try to make sure your bowels are also empty.

l Hydrate ahead of your session — Hydration is crucial in any full-body workout, and yoga will put your body through complex positions and postures. Joon Faii Ong recommends keeping a water bottle handy before, during, and after your yoga session.

l Prayer and invocation — Begin with an invocation or a short ritual that will help settle your mind and senses, and put your focus on your breathing. In this semi-meditative state, you’ll be more open to the mental benefits of yoga.

After your Yoga Session

l Rehydrate — Following your yoga session, replenish your electrolytes and rehydrate. Plain water is always the best, but options such as coconut water are also effective in helping your body recover from exertion.

l Eat — Now that the workout is complete, you can resume eating. Joon Faii Ong recommends waiting 20–30 minutes following your training before consuming anything, ideally something light and healthy.

l Rest and then bathe — Following the yoga session, rest for 10 minutes in Savasana, which refers to a short nap following yoga. Remember that this is not a usual nap: The goal is to remain fully conscious but at absolute relaxation. After this, you can cool down your body for 30 minutes before you cleanse yourself with a shower, refreshing both mind and body.

Joon Faii Ong believes that you’ll have a much more comfortable and satisfying yoga experience by following this recommended routine.