Physician, scientist, and bioengineer Joon Faii Ong is a man on a mission. Together with his team and his company, GyroGear, Dr. Faii Ong has developed GyroGlove. Once produced and distributed, this breakthrough product has the potential to help millions of people affected by hand tremors.

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The GyroGlove harnesses the…

The GyroGlove, the new wearable from tech company GyroGear, is a glove designed to counter hand tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders that cause bodily tremors.

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Joon Faii Ong, the mind behind the GyroGlove, believes that more and more people will need the glove in the future…

Joon Faii Ong is the founder and CEO of GyroGear Ltd.

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He graduated from Imperial College London School of Medicine. He is now focused on helping people globally suffering from hand tremors.

Joon Faii Ong has previously worked on research in regenerative medicine, stem cell therapies, and medical devices.

As a practising Buddhist, Joon Faii Ong recognises others’ immense contribution and support to his growth and development and will do his best to pay it forward. During his spare time, he builds audiophile-grade speakers and amplifiers, fences, works out and… sings opera!

Joon Faii Ong is the founder and CEO of GyroGear, the developer of the GyroGlove. Learn more about Joon Faii Ong, his company, and his inventions by checking out this site.

Joon Faii Ong

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